Spicing It Up: 9 Awesome Items and Gadgets to Put in Your Truck’s Interior

Bringing in the new year of 2019 promises to provide truck enthusiasts with a wide selection of unique and cool items for the interior of their trucks. If you are someone who loves your truck more than anything else you own? You’re going to love spicing the interior up with these nine awesome items and gadgets that will complement your truck as well as your personality.

1. Mirror Dash Camera
If you own a newer truck, chances are you won’t need one of these; however, if you have an older truck, this is the ultimate gadget to spice it up. You get front and rear view footage in real time that’s easy to use and install. Most of them come with a 4.3-inch touchscreen, 720p rear-view camera, and a front-view 1080p camera with wide angle lenses. They have built-in safety features that can alert you if you’ve been driving too long and backup footage that comes in handy in cases of automobile accidents.

2. Portable Breathalyzer
Drinking and driving is highly discouraged and not advised; however, it’s very beneficial to know when you’re not legal to drive your truck. This is a great gadget to have inside of your truck that can save the potential of heavy fines, loss of license, and human life. Equipped with high-quality police-grade sensor technology and disposable mouthpieces, this device is a “must have” for anyone who owns a truck and likes to have a few drinks.

3. Portable Vacuum Cleaner
Keeping the interior of your truck spick and span couldn’t be any easier than with a high-quality portable vacuum. This device uses your truck’s 12-volt outlet and can be kept in the truck. One of the best portable vacuums this year is the DEENKEE high-power vac, it has all the power you need with handy crevice tools and a LED light.

Forget about going to the car wash and using a coin-operated vacuum or going through the hassle of using your house vacuum to clean your truck, those days are long gone. The DEENKEE works great on dirt, construction debris, pet hair, and coffee spills. It can pick up wet or dry debris without a problem and will keep the interior of your truck looking spotless.

  1. Windshield Banners
    One of the hottest trends for spicing up the interior as well as the exterior of your truck is with a custom windshield banner. You can get your truck’s brand name or have custom text added for a striking statement. Yeti Stickers are the best interior truck stickers currently available on the market, and you can even get a coffee tumbler cup personalized as well while you’re there.5. Heads-Up Display
    The first truck gadget of its kind that can turn any smartphone into a GPS system right in front of your eyes. It projects a transparent screen that is easily seen without taking your eyes off the road. Additionally, it can control music, read text messages, and receive calls. It’s supported by both iOS and Android devices. Who says you need a new truck to be cool? This gadget will make the interior of your truck look like something from the future.

    6. Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker
    This gadget is perfect for truck lovers who love their coffee on the go without having to stop and wait in line. One of the best portable coffee makers this year is the Handpresso Auto. Simply plug it into your truck’s 12V adaptor port and get a barista-quality espresso in two minutes. It fits into your cup holder and works with ground coffee and ESE pods.

    7. Swivel Organizer

    If you spend a lot of time in your truck, you’re going to love having a swivel organizer. It securely mounts into your cup holder and has a pivoting arm with a small circular tray attached at the top. It’s perfect for eating on the run and can pivot back and forth between the driver and passenger seat or use it to keep necessities close at hand without taking your eyes off the road. Adjustable heights and multi-positioning makes this a very clever item to have in your truck.

    8. 12V Power Inverter
    No interior of any truck is complete without a 12V power inverter that turns DC into AC. These gadgets have a lot of extended benefits that can spice up your interior by running LED televisions, laptops, gaming consoles, extension cords for power tools, air compressors for flat tires, coffee makers, microwaves and more. These devices are rugged and stylish. They come with built-in cooling fans, LED display, and overload indicators that safely shuts itself off before causing any damage to your accessories.

    9. Alexa-Enabled Charger
    Add Amazon’s innovative voice service into your truck’s interior with the Roav VIVA by Anker. It’s the first Alex-enabled truck charger of its kind with dual-port USB and over 25,000 Alexia applications. Simply plug it into your cigarette lighter and power all of your USB devices while enjoying hands-free calling, voice-controlled navigation, and music streaming capabilities. Get directions, order a Domino’s pizza, and control your smart devices at home while in the comfort of your truck.

When it comes to spicing up the interior of your truck, you don’t necessarily need a brand-new truck with all of the latest technology to have an awesome truck. There are plenty of cool and hip gadgets available online that can change the interior of your truck and make it totally unique. Advancements in technology has made it possible to keep your older truck and upgrade it with some newer applications found in trucks rolling off the assembly lines today.

Besides all of these cool gadgets, every truck should have a first aid kit and an emergency roadside kit as well as extra blankets in cases of emergencies or break-downs. Extra bottled water and non-perishable food items are also a good idea to keep in your truck, and of course, any one of the nine above awesome gadgets.

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