CNC bending

Aluminium bending

So today I am going to talk to you about aluminium bending or more specifically CNC bending.

So first we should look at what CNC bending is, what the uses of it are, and why you may need to have something created in this way.

What is CNC bending?

Let’s look at CNC bending, what it is and how it works. CNC bending or Computer numerically controlled bending is a way of precisely bending metal using numerical data, the results of this are fast and incredibly accurate.

There is a variety of ways metal can be bent and formed with CNC bending depending on the method used. Let’s look at some of the common methods available including tube bending, roller bending, stretch forming, and flow forming. Each method has its own uses depending on the results you are looking for.

Tube bending is primarily used for bending tubes or pipes, and this method allows the material to be bent without the profile being misshapen or deformed.

Roller bending is primarily used to bend sheet metals or solid bars.

Stretch forming is used to produce contoured pieces, this method uses a process where the sheet metal is both stretched and bent over a die, to form the desired shape.

Flow forming Is used to produce cylindrical or oval pieces. For this, the metal is clamped to a rotating mandrel and using rollers it’s stretched to create the final shape.

What is CNC bending used for?

CNC bending is widely used in a variety of ways in manufacturing. Some of the typical applications CNC bending is used for include Hand-rails, Stair-lifts, Curtain tracks, guard rails and much more. So if you work in manufacturing and are looking for a solution to any aluminium forming this is probably the answer you are looking for.

Why would you choose CNC bending?

So if you need aluminium shaping for whatever application or purpose whether you require a bent tube or a bar or even a formed sheet, CNC maybe the way to go. Especially if you require precise results with a fast turnaround.

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