Aluminium Extrusions In Racking Applications

A popular use for using aluminium extrusions is in creating racks for cars and shelving display units for retail. They can also be used for storing sports equipment, tools and a host of other applications in a range of different industries. Aluminium creates sturdy, functional products and can easily be recycled making it a sustainable resource.

The Features Racks Require

Designs of functional aluminium extrusions for racks need to include various attributes such as a high strength to adequately disperse and bear loads. They have to be proven to be safe and durable in use. The advantage of using racks made of aluminium extrusions instead of other metals, is that the product can be much lighter in weight and is much cheaper to produce due to the low cost of the mill finish aluminium and the ease with which complex structures can be achieved. Aluminium is extremely easy to maintain with anti-corrosive properties that render it ideal for use in all weather conditions.

Ease Of Transportation

Large shelving structures can be manufactured from different components that can be easily assembled on site. This significantly reduces transportation costs as the shelving units can be despatched as compact kits. Being supplied as a kit does not detract from the elegant, streamlined design of the shelving units. After they have outlived their usefulness, for instance as a shop display that is to be updated to include new features, the shelving units can be recycled as material for new aluminium extrusions.

Colour And Finish

Shelving units manufactured from aluminium extrusions can be finished in an extensive range of vibrant colours to suit any d├ęcor. Colour is applied through powder coatings or anodising. Powder coatings are a non-toxic method of using electromagnetics to make the powder adhere to the metal and once cured through heat, produces a tough coating that has a high gloss finish. Anodising adds extra strength to the aluminium by a chemical process that involves harnessing the properties of oxidisation resulting in a superior strength aluminium which is perfect for bearing excessive weight. It also absorbs the customer’s chosen colour to produce a finish that will never fade or wear off and has an aesthetically pleasing metallic sheen.

Cost Effective

Using aluminium extrusions to create strong, durable shelving units that are easy to transport and assemble is an extremely cost effective method of renewing existing shelving. Edmo are experienced at manufacturing all types of aluminium shelving.

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