The Tow Truck Information That You Need

Did you know that towing is not only limited to vehicles on land? There is some interesting information here on the many different ways in which different kinds of vehicles are towed. AS for the on-land methods of towing, there are many, too. The four most common ways of towing a vehicle with a tow truck are the flatbed tow truck, the integrated tow truck, the hook and chain tow truck, and the wheel lift tow truck. Many of these types of tow truck companies can be found and contacted with the simple use of your search engine of choice. If you’re stuck out on the side of the road in Arizona, you can simply type in “roadside towing services gilbert az” and a long list of results will be shown to you.

The kind of tow truck that you will need depends on the vehicle that you need to be moved and how you are willing to have it moved. The original tow truck was invented by Ernest Holmes, Sr. He was a garage worker that got his inspiration from his need of blocks, ropes, and six men to pull a car out of a creek. Since then, the tow truck has been improved and innovated.

One of the most commonly known kind of tow trucks is the old school hook and chain tow truck. A good example of this kind of tow truck can be seen in the movie “Cars” as the junkyard tow truck named “Mater”. The hook and chain tow truck can be used to move all kinds of cargo. It is commonly known that a lot of pressure is applied on the vehicles that are towed. For that reason, these kinds of tow trucks are primarily used for moving junkyard vehicles. The wrapped chain can and most of the time damages or scratches the vehicle that it is moving.

The continuous innovation of the tow truck and the improvements in technology have given birth to the flatbed tow truck. The flatbed tow truck in one of the best options because it can prevent further damage to the vehicle that is being transported. This kind of tow truck is also used to transport brand new vehicles across the country. The only kind of vehicles that this type of tow truck cannot move are those that are too big or too heavy. The use of a flatbed tow truck provides an easy way of towing the vehicle. The vehicle can either be driven onto the flatbed or it can be pulled up.

For heavier loads, an integrated tow truck is used. The integrated tow truck has extra axles that are added for the purpose of adding strength and stability. The arm of this kind of tow truck is much more embedded in the core of the truck. The integrated tow truck is mostly used for heavy duty purposes such as the moving of buses and big rig trucks. These are among the more specialized types of tow trucks.

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