Food Grade Curtains: Overview and Benefits

Food grade curtains walls manufactured by AmCraft are made to meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), along with the needs for other agencies. Food grade curtains by AmCraft are perfect to create separation hurdles in the food processing services and a few pharmaceutical industries.

The food grade curtains walls are specially designed to assist maintain sanitary and safe environment for the food processing plants.

Important Benefits of food Grade Curtain Walls:

  1. The material of the curtain is made from forty mil USDA grade clear non-spongy PVC leaving bacteria without any place to grow. The old PVC curtain material can accumulate bacteria and craft an insanitary environment if you leave it untreated.
  2. Stainless steel trolley system and ‘open track’ reduces gaps and permits for a perennial airflow across the hardware. The design removes stagnant, dark areas crafted enclosed track system where the bacteria can grow and harvest.
  3. Effectually decrease the process lines shut down while washing down cycles by making a sanitary barrier between the fields with the food grade credited curtains.
  4. Design stops the cross contamination between the processing lined. The end users or the customers of the food grade sanctioned curtain system are pulled to the curtain capability to sanitarily consist one area from the other, for instance,averting ingredients from on mingling process from inflowing the other mixing procedure in their plant.
  5. All the surfaces of a certified food grade curtain have washing capability.
  6. Double reinforced top hems and no hems on the vertical or the bottom edges. Sewn hems and the overlapped hems leave the other place for the bacteria to cross the threshold and grow and develop. The custom top hems, which eliminate the bubble effects formed by the overlapped hem but yet provides the durability, which the top hem requires from not just the weight of these curtains but also from daily pulling and sliding by the plant workers.
  7. Sections of curtain panel often overlap on the trolley hooks eradicate the requirement and need for the Velcro connections. The Velcro connection made from the traditional polyester and nylon inexorably become dirty and wet in a food processing atmosphere. With every section of the panel overlapping by 12 inches or more on hardware trolley hooks, one can effectually stop cross-contamination and break-through during the same period of time keeping the sanitary surroundings demanded by you.
  8. The radius bends and custom sizes are available. Without regard to the scope or the size of the project, the company can custom production a way out for the specific and particular application of yours.

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