CNC Bending for Beginners

First we’d better explain what CNC is. It stands for Computer Numerical Control and is a way by which a machine can be computer controlled. When the machine being controlled is used for bending sheet metal the process is called CNC bending. With this process a sheet of metal can be bent into a variety of different shapes, with a range of angles. The machine uses a die and a v-shaped punch. Why is this method used? Because it is low cost and 3 dimensional shapes can be made from flat sheets of metal. To bend the metal sheet it will be placed between the punch and die. Pressure is applied and various angles can be formed. Various types of metal can be CNC bent, but they have to be ductile. It is a process that is mostly used for sheet metal designs requiring one or more bends. Examples of products made using CNC bending are brackets, chassis, cams and enclosures. Unless the design is particularly intricate or special bends are required, this process requires no special tooling.


Tips for Reducing the Cost of CNC Bending

Edmo Limited offers a CNC bending service. If you’re at all concerned about the cost the following tips will help keep it to a minimum.

The fewer the number of bends the lower the cost.

Complex bend combinations should be avoided.

To remove the need for bending why not add slots and then any bending can be done manually.

Parts should be designed to pack efficiently.

Odd angles also need to be avoided if you want to reduce the cost.

Straight edges should be provided parallel to any bend.


CNC Bending Can be Done in a Number of Different Ways

The most common method is to use eccentric or hydraulic presses. The bending is done with the help of punching. This allows several bends to be made at the same time, which is an obvious saving when it comes to time and cost. Sheet bending machines are the other way of CNC bending. Using the services of a reputable company like Edmo means there is no need for a customer to invest in expensive machinery. One further option is take a design to a CNC bending centre. Here there will be equipment that can produce much bigger products such as doors, shields and shelves.

CNC bending is used to produce a range of different items. It is possible to produce lifting equipment, frame rails, boom components and cranes. Other applications include electrical cabinets, control boxes ad enclosures and panels for light fixtures and computer chassis. Doors, drawers, shelving and lockers can also be produced.

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