SUV Cars in India below 10 Lakhs: Tata Nexon to Renault Duster

SUV cars which are in a range of 10 lakh. The SUV cars in India are available in the range of ten lakhs. The cars have amazing features. These cars have a powerful engine. The horsepower is increased and the fuel capacity is also increased. Tata Nexon is the car which Tata Motors have launched for the user who has a budget of ten lakh or more. TATA has been improving the quality of the cars which have proven successful.

The price range of Tata Nexon starts from 6.23 lakhs. The car which is equivalent to this car is RENAULT DUSTER which has a price of 7.99 lakhs. The engine type is H4K petrol. The engine displacement I 1498cc. the fuel type is petrol. The power of the car is 104.5BHP at the RPM of 5600. The total torque 142 Nm which is at the RPM of 4000. The Total number of cylinders are four. Total gears in this car are five. The drive type is FWD. it gains the speed from 0-100kmph in eleven seconds. The total mileage of the car is 14.19Kmpl. The top speed of the car Is 160.

On the other hand, the RENAULT duster comes with a price of 7.99 lakhs. The fuel type of this car is petrol and diesel too. The total engine power is 1498cc. The mileage of the car is 14.19kmpl. The transmission is manual. The power windows are available on both front and rear panels. There are central locking and airbags in the car. Click for more information Tata Nexon.

Both the cars are somehow equivalent to each other. The cars have similar features. The cars have been a tremendous success in the industry. These cars are being purchased by a large number of people. The cars have powerful and amazing features.

The advantages of buying SUVs under the range of ten lakhs are:

  • In budget: these cars come with the effective price and have features equivalent to the cars which are expensive in the market. Many people have less income but a desire for a car. These cars fall into that category.
  • Powerful: the cars have a powerful engine and have string engine. You can drive these cars for a long distance without stopping the engine. The cars are advanced and come with the effective price.
  • The look and design: the design of the cars are very attractive and are designed by the engineers after doing years of research.

These two cars are under the range of ten lakhs and also advanced. There are other cars which fall under this category. Hyundai CRETA.  You can buy such cars with easy down payments also. The cars are advanced and have a different feature enabling you to enjoy the most ultimate experience. Top speed is increased and you can ride such a car with full control. These cars are fully electronic and some of them also have auto control.

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