Is It Safe to Drive on a Tire with a Bubble?

Impacts on the road are often responsible for bubbles in your tires. Sidewall bulging can be caused by small impacts on the road, such as hitting curbs and pothole edges, or speed bumps. Tires should be round and smooth. If you see a bulge in your tires or notice any cracks in the tread, you should immediately stop driving. A bubbled tire is not safe to drive. Your tire will burst if it has a bubble.

Sidewalls are the most common spot to find a tire bubble. Tire bubbles can also develop in areas of very thin rubber. A tire with a bulge in it is dangerous and you may be thrown out of your car. It is important to get the tire replaced immediately. As more moisture and air seeps into the tire, the bubbles grow larger.

How to Prevent Tire Boilers

There are several ways to stop tire bubbles from forming. While it may seem difficult to avoid getting in contact with potholes or speed bumps, there are steps we can take to prevent tire bubbles from developing. Preventing tire bubbles is better than treating.

  • Avoid Potholes. Potholes are the main cause of tire bubbles. Avoid hitting potholes and always steer clear of them.
  • Drive Carefully – Avoid speed bumps and drive carefully. Take care when parking or driving on sidewalks and curbs.
  • Maintenance – Check your tires regularly for any changes in pressure or structure. Use a tire pressure gauge to check your tire pressure regularly.

Tire bubbles can cause damage that cannot be repaired. This is because the tire’s structural integrity has already been compromised. Because the internal structure of the tire has collapsed, it is no longer safe for you to drive. Driving should be stopped and the tire replaced. Regular inspection of your tires is a good precaution. Make sure that they are properly inflated. If you see a tire bulge, visit our auto repair center to have it replaced.

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