5 Need-to-Know Tips to Help You Keep the Cleanest Car  

Having a clean car has loads of benefits. That being said, it is quite a challenge to maintain a vehicle in pristine condition, especially after prolonged usage.

A tidy car is appealing to the eye. It gives you a sense of self-satisfaction. Most importantly, it is likely to sell for a higher value as compared to a similar model that is left untidy.

Nowadays, it is easy to clean a car on your own because of stores such as Car Clean Zone which stock most of the cleaning requirements. Below are some simple tips on how to keep your car clean throughout.

Vacuum the Interior

One of the key areas assessed by prospective car buyers is its interior. Because of the soft nature of most fabrics, interiors tend to get dirty and dusty. You should use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust particles before they accumulate. Besides maintaining the vehicle’s value, cleaning the interior also increases the longevity of the fabrics covering the seats.

Use a Glass Cleaner and Microfiber Cloth on Windows and Mirrors

A combination of a microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner can produce a sparkling effect on the glass surfaces of your car.

The glass cleaner should be applied on the cloth, rather than the glass surfaces. This prevents streaking and averts the potential damage that the cleaner may cause on the non-glass components of the car. Where the windows are tinted by a film, it is advisable to avoid cleaners that include ammonia as an ingredient.

Wax the Car

UV rays from the sun are as harmful to your car as they are to your body. To preserve the original paintwork of your car in good condition, you have to wax it regularly, preferably after washing. The wax layer will act as a sunscreen that shields away from the UV rays.

There are two types of wax; carnauba and polymer. Polymer wax has the edge over carnauba because it doesn’t haze and can easily be wiped off from the car’s surface. This means that polymer wax is worth every penny despite being costlier than carnauba.

Eliminate Odors

A bad odor is a no-no. Odors brought about by pets and cigarettes can be quite challenging to eliminate. However, there are many odor removers to assist you in getting rid of pungent smells from your car.

Before applying the odor remover, you must ensure that all possible sources of the stench are removed. Once you are sure of the source of the smell, apply the remover to neutralize the bad smell.

For smokers or pet-lovers, it is advisable to have a deodorizer to mask the bad scent. Alternatively, you can use charcoal lumps to absorb the annoying smells.

Cleaning the Wheels

When it comes to cleaning the wheels, experts recommend the use of products that are designated for the type of wheels on your car. If unsure of your wheel type, you can use the universal wheel cleaner, the acid-free pH-balanced aluminum wheel cleaner.


The secret to maintaining the beauty of a car is regular cleaning. If you are yet to start, the time to start is now!



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