5 Steps to Follow While Purchasing Car Insurance Online

Earlier, purchasing or renewing your car insurance was a tedious process, which involved calling up and getting in touch with insurance agent or paying a visit to the insurance company. On top of it you had to get together a bunch of documents in hard copy to get things done. Now, purchasing or renewing car insurance online is like a walk in the garden. Click a few buttons, and voila! Your policy is ready! Here we lead you through the steps for buying or renewing your car insurance online, so read on.

First things first: you will need to keep a few things and details handy, so as to expedite the process of buying your car insurance online, such as you full name, address, details of the car’s make and model, registration number, details of previous policy if any, add-ons you require, and your payment details. So, now that you have the basic details, let’s see the steps you need to follow to purchase your car insurance online.

  • Conduct your research thoroughly: You need to be clear in your mind as to what your insurance requirements are. Then study all the insurance providers who offer car insurance online, their rates and premiums, whether they offer all the features that you need, their cost-effectiveness, etc. This will help you shortlist the company from which you can buy your car insurance online. You also need to be aware of what kind of emergency services the insurance provider will offer in case of an accident, because this is the operative part of any car insurance. Before you purchase any insurance, you need to be sure that when the need arises, you will get the proper service that you are paying for.


  • Shortlist the type of policy you want to buy: You need to be aware that there are two types of car insurance policies, a third-party insurance, which covers only the damages to the third party, and a comprehensive policy, which covers own risk also.


  • Fill in the online car insurance form: Once you have decided the type of insurance you wish purchase and from which company, log in to the selected company’s website, and fill up the form for purchasing your car insurance online. This is where the details you had kept ready will come in useful and expedite the process of applying for the car insurance you have selected.


  • Now select from a list the add-on covers that you need in your car insurance: From the full list of add-ons that the insurance provider offers, select the ones that you need to append to your car insurance policy. Remember that you will have to pay a little extra premium for each of the add-ons that you select, which can be zero depreciation, roadside assistance, return to invoice, engine protection, no-claim bonus protection, etc.


  • Make your payment: Now proceed with the payment of the premium as per your choice of payment method. Most companies accept all kinds of online payments, from wallets to debit and credit cards to net-banking. Pay your dues and checkout. Now wait for your policy to arrive in your mail.

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