What is the Perfect Fit for You: A Brand-New or Used Car?

When you’re out to buy a new car, there are many tough calls you must make and one of the things you must consider is if you want to buy a brand-new car or a used car. We have listed the pros and cons of buying each type of car, so you can make the best choice.

Brand-new cars


  • Never been used. With brand new cars, you are sure that everything is in its best condition because it has never been used nor taken out for even just a spin.
  • Latest technology. Every day, technology is improving. We continue to innovate and develop new technology that is far more improved and can deliver higher performance than its previous version. So, you have the advantage of getting the latest technology when you plan to buy a brand-new car.
  • Car smell. There’s just something about that new car smell that makes you feel that the car is a shiny new toy. It will constantly remind you of luxury and money wherever you go.


  • Depreciation hit. Cars lose their value rapidly. The longer you have your car, the lower the trade-in price or the resale value will be.

Used Cars


  • Budget-friendly. Used cars are easy on the wallet. You don’t have to shell out a large amount of money to afford one.
  • Better resale price. Used cars actually have better resale prices than brand-new ones. Used cars can be sold for, more or less, the same amount they were bought for. You just have to keep the car well-maintained. This means going to an auto repair shop to have a yearly check-up. Used cars can also be sold for a higher price if you had them modified, repaired or improved, especially when you add some additional features.
  • Slower depreciation. You don’t have to worry about their value depreciating. Used cars have already depreciated, so there’s no need to think about these things.


  • Hidden problems. You really don’t know if there are hidden problems that come with a used car. But, this can be easily remedied if you test drive the car for a long period of time before making the purchase. Take the car for a spin to see how it fares on the road.

Final words: Which is the better choice?

It really depends on your preference, but you should strongly consider your own personal circumstances. So, your final choice should be heavily dependent on your financial capabilities and lifestyle choice.

But, out of the two choices, used cars are better choices because although you won’t have the latest technology or have the new feel that accompanies every brand-new car, used cars are still in good condition and deliver high-speed performance and reliable transport.

If you want to see if used cars are a good choice for you, check out car dealerships that sell used cars in Layton, Utah.

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