Auction report: John Deere combine and tractors change hands at ‘on-site’ sale

A great ‘on-site’ auction was held on March 27 at Rickling Hall (Saffron Walden). The auction was all about tractors and agricultural machinery. It happened in Essex, England. Events like this occur regularly in the UK, this isas a result of the availability of a big pool of equipment. They happen in Ireland once in a while each year. The sale was carried out by Cheffins, a renowned tractor company known for its monthly Cambridge Machinery Sales events.


This report is about the combine, self-propelled sprayer, tractors (, trailers present at the sale and ATV. Expect our follow-up report with details concerning how the remaining machinery – which includes cultivation equipment and a fresh edge-cutter – went.


The representative of AgriLand, Tim Scrivener was also present at the event.



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