Understanding the Risks: Are You Required to Talk to the Other Driver’s Insurer After a Car Accident?

You’ve been in a car accident. Maybe you’ve received injuries or only your car has been damaged. A few days after the crash, you receive a call from the other driver’s insurance company asking you to tell them what happened. They may ask for copies of your medical records and promise that your claim will be settled quickly if you speak freely. This may seem like an easy way out, but you should not talk to them without talking to a lawyer first. The aftermath of an accident can be overwhelming. If you want to understand how attorneys can help, visit a site like www.brandenburglawoffices.com now.


Insurances companies are not your friends

You need to call the police and your own insurance company following the accident. However, there is no obligation to speak to the other driver’s insurer. In fact, many attorneys warn against it. Remember that insurance companies are always looking to pay out as little as possible if anything at all. Anything you say may be used against you. Any apology will be seen as you accepting blame for the accident and this can reduce the amount of compensation you get.

If you were injured, don’t give the other driver’s insurance company access to your medical records. They will not just be looking at injuries you sustained in the accident. They will comb through your medical history looking for previous injuries which were similar. They will use this to argue that you were not actually injured in the accident and that you had those injuries before. As you can imagine, this can also have an impact on your claim for damages.

The other driver’s insurer may also ask you to give a recorded statement. You should avoid this as well since they will likely compare it to the statement you gave the police and look for discrepancies. The smallest of comments can give them a reason to deny your claim. If the matter has to go to court, all your statements will come up again. By then you may not even remember all the details of the crash. If you were injured or your vehicle was damaged because of another person’s negligence, you don’t want to jeopardize your claim. The best thing to do is not say anything.


You need a car accident lawyer

You should, of course, tell your lawyer everything you can remember. You should also give your personal injury lawyer details of your injuries. They know how insurance companies work. They see situations like yours every day. They will be able to advise you of whom you should speak to and what information you should share.

For example, you should be careful about what you say on social media. The insurance company may check your profile to see if you have said anything which would allow them to deny your claim. They may also be looking to see if you’re out partying even though you claimed to have a severe injury.

Insurance companies are concerned with their bottom line. You need to be concerned with whether you will get the settlement you deserve. You’ll have a better chance of securing fair compensation if you speak to an attorney before you speak to anyone else. More often than not, you will be advised not to speak to the other driver’s insurer.

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