A Brief Guide On How To Choose Best Car Shipping Company

We have to start by saying that getting your car across a long distance is highly challenging to arrange, and you will be able to choose only a few options such as driving it yourself, hiring someone to drive it for you or to find a shipping company that will help you along the way.

The third option requires plenty of researching and hassle during the consideration which car shipping company you should get. The main question you should ask yourself is the reasonable price and experience in doing it as well as appropriate certification that will prove their services.

You need to learn the process of finding the best car shipping company for your particular needs by following steps that we will present you in the further article.

How To Find The Best Car Shipping Company

If you wish to reach the auto-shipping company, you have to conduct comprehensive research so that you can get everything you need.

The research is the first step that will help you reach the perfect company, and you can find everything about the potential company by checking their online performance, presence as well as getting referrals from people you know.

The most important consideration is to ask the proper question so that you can understand everything that they will do throughout the process.

1.   Explore Your Options

The first step is to thoroughly research all companies that are in your area both online and in person. Therefore, you should check customer reviews and ask your friends, family and neighbors did they have any experience with them in the past.

One of the best places where you can determine whether some company features the complaints is Better Business Bureau website. In case you see any objection, we recommend you see whether the company answered or not.

Of course, have in mind that even the best companies out there will create some form of miscommunication, which is why it is vital to see how they respond to complaints because that will determine the level of professionalism that they share.

2.   Get Online Quote

The next step when it comes to finding the perfect company is by checking the online quote from companies that you have listed. You can check sites like https://shipcar24.com/, who offer this in their website which makes things easier to clients.

Some companies will provide you specialized services for specific types of vehicles such as luxury cars, so you have to check the kind of cars that they deal with before you approach them.

We recommend you avoid choosing a company that requires a deposit upfront, mainly because in some cases they will take your money and provide you lousy services.

3.   Verify Your Choices

Remember that making initial contact with company means that you are engaging in taking their service.

Therefore, you should contact them by phone and talk with the representative so that you can present what you wish and get the quote and other information you may find valuable.

Apart from that, you need to verify whether the carrier features appropriate and relevant bond information and licensing, which is why you should check out FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) because they will provide you list of safety records.

You should also contact FMCSA so that you can check whether they have insurance and license records, and you will be able to see complaints by customers on their official website.

4.   Learn About a Shipping Process

You need to ask specific questions that will help you narrow your search down and determine what the points of action are during the shipping process.

  • How Long Does The Shipping Process Take? – Have in mind that car shipments cannot magically happen overnight. Most of them will provide you a time range approximately up to one month after they pick it up, and even longer if you are traveling overseas. Therefore, everything depends on your current location and where you wish to ship it as well.
  • Are They Using Covered or Uncovered Carriers? – Have in mind that uncovered carriers are the most affordable options when it comes to car shipping, but the process will expose your vehicle to the weather elements, and that may cause problems along the way. It is always better to choose covered carriers, and even though you will have to pay more than you wanted, the chances of affecting your vehicles will reduce, and you will end up with perfect car without scratches.
  • How Does The Process Function? – In most cases, the company will contact you when the truck arrives next to your home. Some of them will save money by making numerous stops when they are going to destination. Therefore, you should know about exact pickup date as well as delivery date so that you can organize yourself completely.

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