Your Personalized License Plate: 10 Ideas to Find the Perfect Combination of Characters

For many, a personalized license plate can seem like a total waste of money while for others it serves the simple purpose of making it easier to remember their license plate numbers. Regardless of your justification for having a personalized license plate, some thought needs to be put into what it is you want your plate to say: Everyone that sees you in your car will be able to read your personalized plate and you want to make giving the right impression and conveying the right message.

There was a time when personalized license plates were much less common, but today that isn’t quite the case. Most great personalized license plates have already been taken which means that in order for you to get your message across and give off the right impression you need to think a little more outside of the box. To give you a few ideas on ways to come up with the perfect combination of characters for your personalized license plate, continue reading:

Read Up On Your Local Plate Restrictions
No matter what state you currently reside in, each one has a set of restriction in place regarding what you can and cannot have on your license plate. It’s not uncommon for there to be a manual review process in place as well to make sure no sneaky obscenities make their way onto our pristine roadways. For example: in some states, you can’t substitute an “I” or “1” where the other has already been taken such as when “IN TOUCH” is taken: You won’t be able to choose “1N TOUCH”. As another example, in the state of California, you are only able to include the number “69” when your vehicle is of that model year.

Highlight A Hobby
Many people who choose to invest in a personalized license plate choose to get one that promotes or highlights a hobby of theirs. Someone who is an avid soccer fan may choose something such as “SCR LVR” to show their love of the sport or someone who is a bass player in a local band may choose to go with “BAS MAN”. It’s easy to think of many other examples, and so if you have a hobby that you want the world to know about, consider including it on your personalized license plate!

Try Your Nickname
If your friends and family prefer to call you by a nickname, you might consider tacking it on to your personalized license plate! Letting the world know that you prefer to be called “BIG BOY” or “FNY GUY” is a great way to make use of a personalized license plate! If you don’t have a nickname currently you can always just come up with some interesting trait about yourself and come up with one by yourself! For instance, if you happen to love dogs then the license plate combo “DOG LVR” may be perfect for you.

Highlight A Family Attribute

If you’re big on family and are considering getting a personalized license plate for the family car then choosing a plate that highlights something about your family, like an inside joke, or a unique family trait. Some potential ideas include where a family is comprised of majority female, the plate could read “GRLSRUS” or if the family is all male then “MANMBL” may be perfect.

Make A Statement
Some people have a lot to say and feel the need to let the whole world know about it. For these people, a personalized license plate may be just the thing they need in order to accomplish this task. If you think you and your car are just amazing and everyone should envy you for it, “IM4U2NV” might be right for you.

Figure Out Why You Want One
Determining why it is, exactly, that you want to have a personalized license plate can help you decide on what you end up wanting it to say. Whether it is to simply express yourself, your allegiances, for business, or to put your name on it, your choice in personalized plate will likely be different. If you’re putting the personalized plate on a work or business vehicle, you’ll likely want to be more conservative with your message, where if you want to express your wild, funny, or lighthearted personality then you can be a bit more free with your choice in message.

Raise Awareness For A Worthy Cause
If you believe in a special cause such as animal rights or environmental conservation then consider incorporating that into your personalized license plate in some fashion. This is a great way to spread a little awareness about something you believe in.


Try Leetspeak
If you’ve come up with the perfect phrasing for your personalized license plate but discovered that someone else has beat you to the punch, then consider using Leetspeak in order to make it work. Leetspeak is where some letters are switched with numbers such as with the word “leet” the letters could be switched to be “133T”. Utilizing leetspeak you’ll find it much easier to get the phrasing you want on your personalized license plate.

Think Of Alternative Abbreviations
When coming up with a personalized license plate you are working with limited real estate, and with most obvious choices for plates already taken, some creative abbreviating may be necessary. With many different creative ways of abbreviating words, this shouldn’t be much of a problem though and you’ll likely be able to come up with a creative way to get your point across.

Break Out The Thesaurus
If you’re finding it hard to come up with alternative abbreviations or leetspeak for the phrase or term you’ve come up with for your personalized license plate then maybe it is time to pull out the thesaurus and look up some synonyms. Synonyms are a great way to convey your message using alternative wording and phrasing than what you commonly see.

Personalized license plates or private number plates are an excellent way to set yourself from the pack on the busy streets. With a little creative ingenuity, and some trial and error, you’ll have no issues coming up with and conveying your own message to the world through your choice in a personalized license plate.

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