How to Know If Your Car Is Fit for the Road

A big city is a place for road accidents waiting to happen. That’s why car safety is the main priority for most drivers cruising along urban roads. Here are a few things that indicate your vehicle is safe on the road.

Check your lights

You should always check if your warning lights or signal lights are functioning. These lights are crucial to send other drivers a clear message of your actions. They will serve as indicators whether you will stop, reverse, go, or if your vehicle needs to make an emergency stop. Know the function and meaning of each light as they are different from one another. Use their purpose to maintain your safety on the road. If any of the lights are not working, it would be best to have your vehicle serviced.

Test your brakes

One of the most critical parts of the car is the braking system. It is responsible for making your vehicle stop. The brakes consist of various moving parts and components to operate. As you gently press your foot down on the brake pedal, a lever that is connected to it will push a piston towards the master cylinder. That cylinder is filled with hydraulic fluid which will create pressure to stop the vehicle. Always create a schedule for having your braking system checked. Here are things to look out for which might indicate faulty brakes.

  • The brake pedal feels a bit squishy
  • It takes a lot of force to press the brake pedal down
  • There is a screeching or squealing sound as you drive your car
  • There is a crushing or grinding sound as you press on the brakes
  • The car steers to the left or right when you try to press down on the brake pedal
  • A strange smell and smoke starts to appear from your car’s wheels

Assess your engine

The engine is considered to be the heart of your vehicle. Once it stops pumping, your vehicle is good as dead. It acts as a power supply to the car’s transmission and other systems. If any problems or issues that relate to the engine occur, expect to see poor performance from your vehicle. If you sometimes hear strange sounds coming from under the hood of your car, then this likely to be caused by the engine. Have your engine checked and serviced if there is any problem such as failing to start your vehicle.

Also, there are different fluids that you need to check along with the engine.

  • Cooling System
  • Oil
  • Brake Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid

If you want to get a full scope of your car’s parts and their conditions, it would be best if you gave it a complete MOT test. This test will check if your vehicle meets the road safety and environmental standards. You can book a test at an MOT Birmingham test centre online and check the fees and offers as well. There are a lot of motor services that offer these tests so that drivers will be assured of their car’s safety.

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