A comprehensive guide to driving on sand

Before we begin our comprehensive guide of driving on sand always remember to drive on the sandy areas where it is lawful and make sure you have the legal permit if required by the authorities.

Now let’s move on to exciting stuff. Sand Driving, it’s just about the privilege of figuring out how to get around one of Dubai’s most noteworthy resources, the beautiful deserts or Italy’s unparallel seashore the Cinque Terre. Before you go out to experience the pleasure of driving on the sand its equally important to know how to drive on sand successfully while ensuring you don’t place yourself in a possibly dangerous circumstance.

Any sandy place you choose to drive this guide will successfully help you in getting the best experience possible.

Getting your vehicle ready before driving

  1. Check the health and age of your tyres in order to make sure they are in the best shape. Your tyre should be compatible for driving on the sand such as Continental Tires HSO Sand. You cannot have tyres that are sports oriented or incompatible for driving on sand
  2. In terms of the cooling system always check that you have sufficient and recommended water levels
  3. Make sure the motor oil levels in your vehicle is at the recommended level
  4. Thoroughly inspect the clutch and braking system to avoid unfortunate malfunction
  5. Take a look at your battery to make sure you have correct levels of acid. Also, make sure that battery is firmly placed since the ride ahead would be bumpy
  6. Perform overall inspection of all the equipments
  7. Fill your tank full

Equipment and gadgets you should have

  1. Toolbox
  2. Camping gear
  3. Shovel
  4. First aid kit
  5. Tyre gauge
  6. Air pump
  7. Rope
  8. Spare tyre
  9. Tyre chains
  10. Carjack
  11. Safety gear

Guide for driving in sandy area’s

Following are the step by step instruction for driving in the sandy area:

  1. First, you need a vehicle with four-wheel drive.
  2. Arrange your cargo in a way that the weight is equally distributed. If possible pack lightly
  3. Tyre inflation is very important in terms of driving on the sand, you must reduce your tyre pressure from somewhere around 15 to 20 PSI.
  4. Before you start driving make sure your wheels are pointing forward
  5. If possible, avoid delicate sand and drive on harder sand. Especially when you are driving at a seashore drive between high tide mark and water line
  6. Your speed should be below 25 MPH. Drive slowly and carefully
  7. Avoid unnecessary braking
  8. Avoid driving on pre-existing tracks
  9. While driving in the desert and going up the sandy dune gain sufficient momentum. On the off chance that you ride askew, ensure your speed is sufficiently high to play with gravity, in light of the fact that the heaviness of the vehicle will pull you down the dune. Approach the highest point of the rise from the front. When driving back down from a sandy dune, drive on the axis of the slope in order to avoid malfunction in tyres. Use sufficient brakes if the slope is reasonably steep.
  10. Reinflate your tyres to the recommended pressure before going back on the road
  11. Of course, remember to wash your vehicle

What if you are stuck in the sand?

Beneath are some tips of getting out if you are stuck in the sand

  1. Never ever panic in any case while you are driving on the sand since panicking can make things look even worse for you. Always stay calm
  2. First thing you need to try is reducing your tyre pressure to increase the contact area with the ground, thus making the vehicle float on the delicate sand
  3. Try reversing your vehicle out slowly. Going forward and backwards repeatedly on the same track in order to get out of the sand
  4. Still, if you are unable to get out; take out that handy shovel of yours and start digging. Dig in the direction you want to go
  5. Remove weight from your 4X4.
  6. In order to get the full power of your vehicle turns off the air conditioner.
  7. It is always a great idea to call a tow truck if things are getting out of your hand.


Above are some of the prominent and most important tips in order for you to have the best sandy driving experience.

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