3 RV Essentials for outside the camper

Motor homes are effective houses on wheels. Thus travel accessories are different. RV camping (RVing) is a unique way to travel since you may customize and change your itinerary at will. You may arrange a route with interesting stops or turn a beach weekend into your retreat.

You may not know what to pack if you’ve never taken an RV vacation. It’s not as easy as packing a bag and flying. RV accessories make living simpler and more enjoyable in a new RV or trailer that isn’t completely equipped.

You should add several RV accessories to your new travel trailer or camper. You’ll need the correct tools, gadgets, and space-saving accessories to equip an RV, travel trailer, 5th wheel, or truck camper.

Here RV CAMP GEAR is sharing with you the top 3 RV must-haves for outside the camper:

1.     Maintenance Essentials

Sometimes, it will be necessary to make repairs to an RV. As it travels down the road, it may shift objects or necessitate rearranging them. Having some fundamental tools on hand is always a good idea.

A pair of screwdrivers and pliers is the bare minimum regarding RV tool necessities.

You should also include a spray lubrication container to ensure the stabilizers’ smooth operation and locks. In case a branch crashes through your RV’s roof, be sure to have a roll of duct tape and roof repair tape. Also include:

  • A caulking gun.
  • A utility knife for cutting the tube of RV lap sealant.
  • The instructions for using the tool.

2.     Freshwater RV Essentials:

At a campsite, you need to connect your water lines for fresh water. You will need a water pressure regulator, a water filter, and a water line with a minimum length of 25 feet if you plan on using fresh water. A water filter with a bendy hose makes installation a breeze.

3.     RV Electricity Essentials:

Your RV has a 30 or 50 AMP electrical cable. Many 30 AMP campers feature a permanent cable. It’s commonly boxed. 50 AMP connections are usually corded. You’ll need to plug in unless you’re camping off-grid.

If you park far from either connection, you may need an extension at least a 30 AMP extension cable to handle the load.

Sometimes a location doesn’t have enough electricity. 50 AMP campers may only find 30 AMP power. Bring adapters for 15, 30, or 50 AMP electricity. Some prefer smaller adapters. Using less electricity may prevent you from running everything at once.

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